DS Flexhal is a company whose business is built on certainty, trust and flexibility

DS Flexhal develops, plans, designs, dimensions and builds traditional and innovative commercial buildings. The company delivers competitively priced work with no unpleasant surprises and to the agreed deadline.


DS Flexhal is a highly professional turnkey contractor and a project-oriented partner. DS Flexhal has all of the necessary competencies required to deal with the entire process and ensure that clients build the perfect building. At the same time, DS Flexhal has the know-how and experience needed to advise clients during all of the project phases – from initial concept development, project design, to the turnkey building.

We listen. We decide. We act.
Regardless of whether you are a new developer who is relatively inexperienced or a professional operator in the construction industry, we excel at listening to what you have to say, understanding your requirements and acting accordingly. DS Flexhal’s organisational structure is flat and flexible, which ensures that all of our employees are able to take decisive action on their own.

In order to establish a relationship based on trust, we ensure that as our client, you are assigned a fixed contact person within DS Flexhal. This provides you with a better overview, optimal communication and maximum certainty.

Flexible construction systems
DS Flexhal uses five unique construction systems, known as the DS Flexible Systems, and these are an integral part of DS Flexhal’s success. DS Flexhal building projects are often based on these systems, which can be incorporated individually or in combination. This provides a great deal of freedom, so that both architectural and design requirements are met, resulting in the optimal building with the best conceivable quality. And at extremely competitive prices.


DS Flexhal is part of DS Gruppen, one of Europe’s leading industrial groups in the production and sale of steel and concrete solutions for construction and industry. This provides DS Flexhal with a solid financial foundation and in addition to its own DS Flexible Systems, the company has fast and effective access to building components, steel structures, concrete components, steel profiles for facades and roofs manufactured by the group.

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