Shell projects and turnkey projects
DS Flexhal delivers both kinds of projects.
On time. At the agreed price.
Solutions you can rely on.

A new commercial building is a major decision – and a significant investment. DS Flexhal has all of the competencies, experience and know-how required to ensure that you have a secure and flexible process. From beginning to end.

Shell contracts and turnkey contracts
DS Flexhal carries out shell contracts and turnkey contracts.

When you choose DS Flexhal as your turnkey contractor, your entire building project is in secure hands. This means that you avoid having to spend time and resources on coordinating the different subcontractors’ work and ensuring that the schedule and budget are complied with. This is something DS Flexhal guarantees.

DS Flexhal has its own project construction and design department. This means DS Flexhal works independently of external consulting firms and can design and plan your building and obtain the necessary permits from the public authorities.

Straight talking gives you certainty
Regardless of whether you are a new developer who is relatively inexperienced or a professional operator in the construction industry, DS Flexhal treats you as an equal. And because you are assigned a specific project manager, you always know who you can ask – and who can immediately make the necessary decisions.

DS Flexhal builds in accordance with your wishes
DS Flexhal offers you as much flexibility as possible. This applies to the construction process and the architectural look with materials, colours and structure.

This flexibility is made possible by DS Flexhal’s five unique systems, called DS Flex Systems.



DS Flexhal’s five unique construction systems are the key to its flexibility. Called DS Flex Systems, they are used individually or in combination so that DS Flexhal always creates a building that meets your needs, requirements and budget.

Flex BSR


  • Load-bearing concrete facades with embedded frame legs/frame construction

  • Several options for window and gate openings compared to traditional concrete construction

  • The building does not require transverse partitions to be stable

Flex SSR


  • Load-bearing steel frames with non load-bearing facades in rear wall cassettes, steel profiles, wood or panel constructions

  • Traditional, quick and easy steel solutions with very large spans and the option for large openings

Flex BSG


  • Load-bearing concrete facades and columns with steel lattice girders to support the roof

  • Large spans option

  • Relatively free positioning of openings in roof and facade

  • Saves construction height by feeding installations in the lattice structure

Flex BBR


  • Load-bearing concrete facades with roof structure made from concrete beams

  • Traditional concrete solution with high level of fire resistance

  • Large spans option

  • Relatively free positioning of openings in roof and facade

Flex ADM


  • Concrete elements as industrialised construction system

  • Possibility of constructing a long building with up to four storeys with a free span of 14.4 m

  • Individual, flexible building interior design