Individually designed
    multi-storey car parks
    – ‘ready to go’, now and in the future

    Multi-storey car parks

    User-friendly, intelligent and future-proof multi-storey car parks by DS Flexhal

    • A multi-storey car park concept that is future-proof and based on our 30 years of experience

    • Optimal solutions with individual designs that are practical as well as profitable

    • Intelligent multi-storey car parks that are intuitive and user-friendly

    • The whole package – from the idea to a multi-storey car park that is ‘ready to go’

    • A multi-storey car park tailored to you, with a large amount of architectural freedom

    • The best possible quality and safety

    • A multi-disciplinary team of experts with a large amount of experience in system-based steel and concrete construction

    • Building materials produced within our Group, which makes us a very strong and reliable partner


    A multi-storey car park concept based on 30 years of experience

    Our multi-storey car park concept was developed by GOLDBECK, who have more than 30 years of experience in the construction of multi-storey car parks. The intelligent Multi-Storey Car Park solutions are flexible, future-proof concepts developed to be highly user-friendly.

    GOLDBECK have constructed more than 900 multi-storey car parks across Europe – in other words, their well-designed concept is proven, and therefore now being offered by DS Flexhal and DS Gruppen to multi-storey car park customers throughout Scandinavia.  

    From the design to a multi-storey car park that is ‘ready to go’​
    We don’t just build the multi-storey car park – we actually deliver the whole package, starting with the idea, assisting all the way through to when use of the ‘ready to go’ multi-storey car park begins. Experience and innovation set the GOLDBECK system apart. Our processes and construction elements are systematised and perfectly tuned to one another and their eventual function. The result: your multi-storey car park, tailored to your specifications and preferences, and implemented with proven system components, technical know-how and an eye for detail and design. We also take into consideration the infrastructure available, as well as ideal access to the road network, thus ensuring optimal user conditions.

    More than 50 years of experience in steel and concrete construction​
    A turnkey contractor, we are known for building some of Denmark’s biggest warehouse and logistics buildings. Our experience in volume steel and concrete construction is directly transferable to the construction of car parks. Our car parks department has its own architects, project managers, sustainability consultants and other specialists, i.e. a multi-disciplinary team of experts with a large amount of experience in system-based steel and concrete construction.

    Strong, reliable partner​
    At DS Gruppen, we produce steel constructions as well as concrete elements, manufacturing the system parts for the multi-storey car parks within the Group, which ensures uniformly high quality at the best possible price. Construction materials produced within the Group make us a strong, reliable partner that can customise your multi-storey car park in all phases of the construction. We volume-produce individual elements to combine the maximum number of parking spaces in a minimum footprint with effective traffic management and a high level of user convenience.

    Best possible quality and safety​
    Our multi-storey car parks are built specifically with safety, intuitiveness and user-friendliness in mind. Our mission is meeting tomorrow’s needs today, which is why our multi-storey car parks meet European as well as Danish safety requirements. Our innovative and durable concrete deck slabs are unique to the GOLDBECK system. Resistant to temperature fluctuations, frost, de-icing salt and oil, they’re also exceptionally low-maintenance. That’s why GOLDBECK safety guards, for use as impact protection, are even safer and more reliable than European standards require.

    Optimal solutions with individual designs
    With a system that is based on 30 years of experience in design and construction of multi-storey car parks and more than 900 completed projects, we know what our various customers really need. We use our well-documented expertise to keep on making improvements to our construction materials, system components and building details. And the same goes for our design processes.

    That’s how we create optimal solutions with individual designs that are practical as well as profitable.
    Give us a try!


    Jonas Bang Eriksen
    Head of Car Park Scandinavia
    +45 22 28 52 02

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